Machine Specification

10/14 Screw Feeder Multihead Weigher

10/14 Screw Feeder Multihead Weigher

For automatic weighing of various sticky products like meat,fish,dates, mushroom etc.

  • IP65 waterproof, use water cleaning directly, save time while cleaning
  • Auto feeding, weighing and delivery sticky product into bagger smoothly
  • Screw feeder pan handle sticky product moving forward easily
  • Scraper gate prevents the products from being trapped into or cut, the result  is more precise weighing
  • Modular control system, more stability and lower maintenance fees
  • Production records can be checked at anytime or download to PC
  • Rotary top cone to separate the sticky products onto linear feeder pan, equally, to increase speed & accuracy
  • All food contact parts can be take out without tool, easy cleaning after daily work
  • Special heating design in electronic box to prevent high humidity and frozen enviroment
  • Multi-languages touch screen for various clients, English, French, Spanish, Arabic etc
  • PC monitor production status, clear on production progress (Option).


Weighing Range: 10-2000 grams / 10-3000 grams

Max. Speed: 35 bags/min and 60 bags/min

Accuracy: ±0.1-3.0 grams / ±0.1-3.0 grams

Weigh Bucket: 2.5L

Driven System: Step Motor

Control Panel: 7″ or 9.7″ Touch Screen

Powder Supply: 220V/50 Hz or 60 Hz; 12A; 1000W and 220V/50 Hz or 60 Hz; 12A; 1500W

Packing Dimension: 1856L×1416W×1800H mm and 1956L×1416W×1800H mm

Gross Weight: 450kg and 550kg