Machine Specification

2 Head 5L Linear Weigher

2 Head 5L Linear Weigher

2 head weighing unit, 5L weighing hopper, DSP technology,  Stable PLC control, 304#SS construction, weighing range up to 3kg, speed up to 30dumps/min, it’s an economical weighing solution for sugar, salt, seed, rice, etc easy flowing material project.

  • Make 2 different products weighing mode running
  • Coarse and fine feeding material control ensure accuracy
  • Free set the parameter during running
  • High precision load cell
  • Stable PLC system control
  • 7″ Color touch screen
  • Free tool mount and dismount
  • Compact design with 304SUS construction
  1. Weighing Range: 100-3000 grams
  2. Mix Material: 2
  3. Max. Speed: 20 bags/min
  4. Accuracy: ±0.1-3.0 g
  5. Weigh Bucket: 5L
  6. Driven System: Step Motor
  7. Control Panel: 7″ Touch Screen
  8. Power Supply: 220V/50 Hz or 60 Hz; 10A; 1000W


  1. Glass cover
  2. Foot switch

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