Machine Specification

2XR11 Versatile X-Ray Inspection Machine 

2XR11 Versatile X-Ray Inspection Machine

X-ray inspection system widely used for detection of dense foreign objects like metal, plastic, china, bone, glass etc in packaged products. The system has a max detection capacity of 5KG or package size of 23.5cm x 12cm.

This machine features a stainless steel finish and 15-inch touchscreen control panel which is user-levels programmable. The conveyor belt is approved to meet FDA and EU food regulations.


  1. Weighing range: up to 5000 g
  2. Linear speed: up to 65 m/min
  3. Throughput: up to 600 ppm
  4. Pneumatic supply: 0,6 Mpa
  5. Power supply: 230 V 50/60Hz single phase
  6. Power consumption: 1500 W
  7. X-ray generator: 100 W
  8. X-ray sensor: 250 mm
  9. X-ray emission: < 1 µSv/h fully contained inside the structure
  10. Curtains: lead-free, infeed and outfeed, FDA approved
  11. Mirror finishing of metal parts: Stainless steel AISI 304 for food and pharma environments
  12. Regulations: conformity with CE regulations
  13. Protection Rating: IP65
  14. Climatic environment: from 5°C up to +35°C non-condensing (closed)

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