Machine Specification

BU Series Mesh Bag Packing Machine

08T3 Integrated Compact Checkweigher and Metal Detector

The BU series mesh bag packing machines are designed for handling PE mesh film to make bags, suitable for packing fresh vegetable and fruits such as potato, onion, orange, apple, cabbage, pea, carrot, capsicum, pear, lemon, grapefruit, kiwi fruit, rambutan etc.

BU-620 Model:

  1. Film width: Max.620mm
  2. Bag width: 110-300mm
  3. Bag length: 100-380mm
  4. Air requests: 0.36m3/min 0.6Mpa
  5. Power supply: 220V,50HZ,3KW

BU-800 Model:

  1. Film width: Max.800mm
  2. Bag width: 160-385mm
  3. Bag length: 100-480mm
  4. Air requests: 0.4m3/min0.6Mpa
  5. Power supply: 220V,50HZ,4KW

BU-1000 Model:

  1. Film width: Max.1000mm
  2. Bag width: 240-480mm
  3. Bag length: 100-600mm
  4. Air requests: 0.6m3/min 0.6Mpa
  5. Power supply: 220V,50HZ,5KW

BU-1200 Model:

  1. Film width: Max.1200mm
  2. Bag width: 290-540mm
  3. Bag length: 100-800mm
  4. Air requests: 0.8m3/min 0.6Mpa
  5. Power supply:220V,50HZ,6KW
  • PLC control with touch screen for easy option
  • Servo-driven film transport
  • Hot printer and film feeding system synchronous
  • Quickly changing one-piece bag former
  • Eye mark sensor for film tracking

Optional devices

  • Hanger hole punch device
  • Material stopper
  • Safety device
  • Bag support

Film type

  • PE-net
  • Film-net combination