Machine Specification

Bucket Conveyor

Bucket Conveyor

The conveyor is suitable for vertical lifting materials, food products, Plastic components,  granular and small pieces etc. The  Z design fo saves space,Capacity up to 5 ton/hour.

1).Variable speed elevator adjusted by inverter;

2). Stainless steel 304 construction or carbon painted steel

3). Automatic or manual function can be selected;

4). Vibratory feeder to feed product flow into buckets at a controlled rate.

5). Auto vibration control system, to ensure bulk products will be fed evenly into Z bucket conveyor, to control the flow when either high or  lower volume of product are inside the vibrator feeder (Optional Function);

6). Electrical control box

A: Automatic or manual conveyor run selection. emergency stop, Vibratory feed hopper level probe, Low level indicatoP, power indicator, leakage switch, etc.
B: The input voltage is 24V or below while running.
C: DELIXI inverter.

  1. Conveyor Height: 1800-4500 mm
  2. Bucket Volume: 1.8L or 4L
  3. Speed: 40-75 buckets per min
  4. Bucket Material: White PP (dimple surface)
  5. Vibrator Hopper: Size  550 mm L×550 mm W
  6. Frequency: 0.75 KW
  7. Power Supply: 220V/50 Hz or 60 Hz, single phase
  8. Packing Dimension: 2210L×900W×970H mm
  9. Gross Weight: 600 kg

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