Machine Specification

EL Series X-Ray Inspection Machine

EL Series X-Ray Inspection Machine

X-ray detection machine capable of detecting a wide range of dense fragments and foreign objects including glass, bone, ceramics, metal, plastics etc. The machine is extremely flexible and detection can be carried out in non-packaged and packaged products under a wide range of demanding conditions.

X-ray inspection is configured and controlled via a user-friendly interface with colour control panel which makes light work of operator training.

X-Ray Inspection

  • An x-ray generator with specific intensity.
  • A standard resolution sensor (pixel pitch 0,8 mm) complete with processor.
  • Image processing system, specific software for the search of foreign substance based on the known average density.
  • Calculation system and hardware to acquire data; automatic learning function. Touch screen operator panel.
  • Specific independent cooling system.
  • The main structure and the panel are x-ray shielded, made in stainless steel Aisi 304 and lead.
  • Conveyor for products with variable speed driven by inverter
  • Bottom frame in stainless steel Aisi 304.
  • Supports with height adjustable H=+/- 35 mm.
  • Support column with weighing unit and operator panel in stainless steel Aisi 304.
  • ¬†Compartment with all electric equipment accessible from the rear, by means of a door that can be opened with a key.


  • Belt conveyor frame in nickel-plated steel and sliding surface in stainless steel Aisi 304.
  • Fastening supports, levelling and height regulation.
  • Mechanical fastening and electrical connection to the main control equipment.
  • Conveyors with rotating heads to facilitate the substitution of the belts.
  • Driving roller diam. 34 mm.
  • Idle roller diam. 34 mm.
  • Motorization by means of brushless motors + gearbox with electronical control, variable speed from the keyboard.

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