Machine Specifications

HSC-560 Form, Fill and Seal Bagging Machine

HSC-560 Form, Fill and Seal Bagging Machine

The HSC-560 bag maker is a continuous motion vertical form fill seal packaging machine. It incorporates a unique sealing motion based on a hypocycloidal geometric path, to provide extended seal dwell time with a smooth, natural trajectory motion.

This machine is used for packaging solids like grains, lentils, rice, chips, popcorns, cheese , coffee beans, cereals, dry fruits, snack food, extruded food products and other non-food products.

  • Servo Motor Controlled Film Pull Belts
  • Servo Motor Controlled End Seal Drive
  • Color Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • PLC Control System
  • Instant Product/Program Changeover
  • Quick-Change Former Assembly (No Tools)
  • Former Assembly (One)
  • Mechanical Film Unwind
  • Full Safety Guarding Interlocks
  • CE Approved Electricals
  1. Sealing jaws motion: Continuous rotary
  2. Film width: 170-560mm
  3. Bag length: 80-500mm
  4. Packing speed: Up to 180bpm
  5. Power supply: 380V, 50HZ,7.5Kw
  6. Air requests: 0.2m3/min, 0.6Mpa

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