Machine Specification

Meki Compact X-Ray Inspection Machine

Meki Compact X-Ray Inspection Machine

The MEKI x-ray inspection machine uses the latest x-ray imaging technology to take your quality control to new levels. The machine is ideal for detecting foreign objects such as metals, stone, glass, bone, plastic and other dense materials and is widely used in food and drink manufacturing and processing lines.

The MEKI is capable of handling a wide range of demands and can handle packaged and non-packed products and foods. Advanced analysis of a number of different factors takes place at the same time to ensure your detection and inspection meets the highest standards. It can even perform detection for foreign objects inside foil or other packaging/boxes containing metals.

The MEKI features an ultra-compact design and is ideal where space is a premium, it is extremely affordable and comparable to the cost of some metal detectors on the market.


Perfect for quality control in the following food sectors:

  • meat and poultry
  • fish
  • vegetables and fruits
  • bakery
  • dairy
  • confectionery
  • flavoring
  • ready meals
  • chewing tobacco

Particularly suitable for the inspection of

  • packaged products
  • small and medium sized products


  1. Detection area: 9.84″ × 4.33″ (250mm × 110 mm)
  2. Conveyor speed: min 0.3 ft/s (0.1 m/s) max 4.3 ft/s (1.3 m/s)
  3. X-ray power: 40–60 kVp / 0.1–2.5 mA (<100 W)
  4. X-ray leakage: Less than 1 µSv/h
  5. Detector type: Linear scanner, width 10″ (256mm)
  6. Pixel size: 0.4mm
  7. Operating system: Windows 7
  8. Software: Mekitec X-ray Inspection System SW
  9. Power supply: 110–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz
  10. Operation temperature: 32–95°F
  11. Dimensions: (w × d × h) 32″/47″ × 20″× 79″ (800/1200×515×2000 mm)
  12. Weight: 165 lbs
  13. Connection to data: Ethernet/USB

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