Machine Specification

MidMeki X-Ray Inspection Machine

MidMeki X-Ray Inspection Machine

The MidMeki bridges the gap between metal detectors and high-priced x-ray inspection systems offering an affordable x-ray machine that can take your quality control inspection system to the next level.

The MidMEKI takes the best features of the MEKI but is equipped with a wide conveyor and the ability to perform x-ray detection on a larger area/packages.

The large detection ability of the MidiMEKI makes it idea for inspection and detection of large food products/packaged products in manufacturing and processing lines. It is also ideal for quality control of tray/boxes where multiple and mixed products are packaged together.


Perfect for quality control particularly in the following food sectors:

  • meat and poultry, e.g. big meat pieces
  • dairy, e.g. high pots of yoghurt or sauces, big cheese pieces
  • ready meals
  • wide frozen pizzas
  • bakery
  • vegetables and fruits
  • confectionery

Especially suitable for the inspection of

  • packaged products
  • trays with several products
  • multiple lines of small products

For applications such as small packaging,  please look at the MEKI system.


  1. Detection area: 16″ × 8″ (400mm x 200mm)
  2. Conveyor speed: min 0.3 ft/s (0.1 m/s) max 3.2 ft/s (1.3 m/s)
  3. Conveyor length: 39″ (1000m)
  4. X-ray power: Max 80 kV (200 W)
  5. X-ray leakage: less than 1 µSv/h
  6. Detector type: Linear scanner, width 16.1″ (410mm)
  7. Pixel size: 0.4 mm
  8. Operating system: Windows 7
  9. Software: Mekitec X-ray Inspection System SW
  10. Power supply: 110–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz
  11. Operation temperature: 32–95°F
  12. Dimensions: (d ×  w × h) 39″×28″ ×80″ (1020 mm × 702 mm × 2020 mm)
  13. Weight: 440 lbs
  14. Connection to data: Ethernet/USB

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