New Sidemeki X-Ray for Tall Products

At QSS, we are proud to partner with Mekitec, to offer best-in-class X-ray inspection systems to our customers. Mekitec are a leader in primary packaging inspection for the food industry, and this latest solution is ideal for packages that are taller than wider.

The SIDEMEKI system delivers the best value for these types of products, including but not limited to containers, bottles, cartons, and cans.

When inspecting tall food products, the detection focus is different compared to other packaged food products. Foreign objects usually end up in the bottom part of the product, and the package quality defects are present in the upper part.

With SIDEMEKI this challenge of divided focus is dealt with having an option for two individual X-ray generators to provide the sharpest image for the complete tall food product. This way the system continues the globally recognized Mekitec technology and mind-set of delivering the best value and performance.

The SIDEMEKI™ system is designed for production lines where the food is in packages that are taller than wider, such as bottles, cartons, containers and cans. Ensuring smooth production flow is essential with these packaging types setting a higher expectation for the design of the inspection equipment.

That’s why SIDEMEKI™ is completely lead curtain-free X-ray system, equipped with secure product guides ensuring the food packages transfer effortlessly through, the system is also equipped with various sensors that monitor the system and its functionalities, making SIDEMEKI truly self-monitoring Critical Control Point.

SIDEMEKI™ is the only quality control solution offering food producers a choice to select one or two X-ray generators based on the exact need for the product inspection. With tall products, this means that the system always has the needed inspection accuracy necessary for foreign object detection and specific quality functions, e.g. headspace, fill level, and cap inspection. This equals the best value in the industry.

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