While other industries are slowing down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, one thing is for sure – the food industry needs to be working at a full speed at all times to ensure that everyone can be fed during this global crisis.

AT QSS, we understand our part in ensuring that food products are safe to consume, and our customers’ production lines run without any unnecessary interruptions. It is vital that your products are free from hazardous contaminations, such as metal, glass, stone or high-density plastics.
By implementing an X-ray inspection system to your primary packaging lines, you will improve your food safety and quality control tremendously. At QSS, we are proud to partner with Mekitec, to offer best-in-class X-ray inspection systems to our customers.

The latest offering from Mekitec is a bulk version of the MidMEKI system and the first batch of these innovative systems will be ready for delivery in July 2020. This new application is ideal for dry bulk applications such as dried fruits, nuts, seeds and grains and will come complete with a bulk rejection system.

MidMEKI quality control system uses the latest X-ray image processing technology. This system combines the benefits of Mekitec’s compact MEKI™ with a wider conveyor and significantly larger detection area.

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