Prisma Metal Detector

Prisma Metal Detector

Metal detector for small and medium sized loose and packaged products. The multi-frequency electronics, combined with advanced functions – like selfcheck, automatic calibration and tracking guarantee top level  performance and fully meet the most common standards (including, among others: BRC, Marks & Spencer… and the need to minimise false rejects.

A wide range of available accessories allows you to configure the machine in the most suitable way to inspect  the most common formats in the food sector like: trays, sacks, bottles, boxes of different shapes and sizes with no metal parts. The transit aperture inner ring in food-safe plastic allows the machine to be used even with loose product. 

  • Aperture Size: 400 wide x 200 high
  • Overall Size: 1200 long
  • Belt Width: 340 wide
  • Working Height: 830 with extendable feet
  • Reject Type: Pneumatic Pusher
  • Compliance Level: Standard
  • Reject bin opening size: 200 High 

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