Machine Specification

Radwag Checkweigher

Radwag Checkweigher

The special design of the conveyors made with high accuracy and precision, the use of high-quality components ensure long and trouble-free operation.

Specification of the industrial computer:

  • LCD Touch Panel 12”
  • System Windows Embedded
  • Processor Intel Atom 2×1.8 GHz
  • Hard Disk 80GB SATA
  • Memory 2GB DDR3


  • Communication Interfaces: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB, as option Profibus, Modbus
  • Control of goods in accordance with regulation on Packaged Goods Control ( E-marking) with adequate control of TU1 and TU2 tolerances
  • Collecting data on weighed goods
  • Database of products containing all product settings
  • Database of operators with determined access level.
  • Database of reports which are automatically generated according to checkweigher mode and export possibility to *.pdf , *csv , *.txt 
  • Variable speed,
  • Statistics function available directly during the weighing process,
  • Autodiagnostics,
  • Cooperation with other devices from technological line,
  • Remote control ability using I/O system
  • Cooperation with Radwag computer Software – E2R,
  • Ability to connect a bar code scanner, RFID, receipt printer, network printer

Additional options:

  • Metal detector
  • Inspection the dump
  • Control pressure pneumatic system
  • Overflow bin control
  • Sensors opening inspection hatches
  • Cooperation with PLCs
  • Visual and audio signaling devices – colored tower lights.
  • Operation dispenser in the feedback circuit transmitting the information about the packages overweight or underweight (dose increase / decrease the dose)
  • Radwag software to archive measures – E2R.
  • Additional I/O
  • Bar code reader
  • RFID reader
  • Wi-Fi
  • Line block detection
  • Receipt printer
  • Network Printer

Weighing range

0 – 3000 g

Reading unit (d)

1 g

Verification unit (e)

1 g

Minimal mass

40 g

Maximal speed (m/s)

0,4 m/s – 1 m/s

Maximal throughput (pcs/min)

60 pcs./min

Weighing mode


IP rating


Working temperature

+5  +40

Power Supply

230V AC, 50Hz

Total mass


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