Machine Specification

SW-M10 Standard 10 Multihead Weigher

SW-M10 Standard 10 Multihead Weigher

The latest CAN BUS electronics and DSP technology, each head unit with modular system control, easy operation and maintenance, widely used in food and non-food industry. The SW-M10 is one of the most popular model multiheads in the market, with its compact design, excellent workmanship and stable performance, weight range is from 10g to 800g, speed up to 70 portion per min; with the feature of free tool installation, users friendly touch screen control panel, other customized options are available as per the exact project, quality ensurance and affordable for most food packaging needs.


  • Rigid and compact 4-side base-frame design with sand-surface execution
  • Knob to install and adjust the in-feed funnel on 2 supporting-pole
  • Deep U-shape feeder pan for more material application
  • Mold-built hopper, actuator housing, middle frame and top cone cover plate, etc
  • Slide-dump chute can be front and back adjusted with knob-fasten design
  • Flange outlet design for more flexible usage


  • User’s friendly touch screen with more stable and sensitivity performance
  • User-friendly icons design for simple ‘stupid’ operation
  • Include sufficient practical-useful function settings
  • Free set the parameter value during running
  • Screen with SS outlet covering avoid external shock
  • All the main menus can be observed at one screen
  • Simultaneous display the load cell weight separately on running
  • Individual modular control system for each actuator and vibrator


  1. Weighing Range:10-1000 grams
  2. Max. Speed: 50-70 bags/min
  3. Accuracy: ±0.1-1.5 grams
  4. Weigh Bucket: 1.6L
  5. Driven SystemStep motor
  6. Control Panel: 7″ Touch Screen
  7. Power Supply: 1 Phase, 220V, 50/60 Hz


  1. 9.7 inch H.M.I
  2. Double Motor Timing Hopper
  3. Dimple Plate
  4. SUS 316
  5. Rice Top Cone
  6. 2 or 4 Point Depositor
  7. Rotating Top Cone
  8. SUS304 Mid-Frame
  9. SUS304 Actuator Housing
  10. Servo Motor Timing Hopper
  11. V-Type Linear Feeder
  12. 0.5, 2.5 or 5.0L Hopper

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