Machine Specification

SW-M14 Modular 2.5L 14 Multihead Weigher

SW-M14 Modular 2.5L 14 Multihead Weigher

Popular standard modular 14 head for sticky or frozen material, the surface was dimpled execution, 2500ml weigh hopper volume, weighing range from 10g to 1500g, speed up to 120portions per min, wide application and stable performance. 

  • 2500ml hopper volume for more flexible weighing range
  • IP65 waterproof with spray water cleaning directly
  • Four side seal base frame ensure stable while running
  • Modular control system, more stability and lower maintenance
  • Rotary or vibrating top cone is available
  • Load cell or photo sensor checking to satisfy different requirements; * * * Preset stagger dump function to stop blockage
  • 7″ touch screen with user friendly menu for easy operation
  • Checking signal connection with another equipment on the screen
  • Automatic or semi-auto weighing are available
  • Food contact parts free tool install and dismantle
  • Multi-languages English, French, Spanish, etc is available
  1. Weighing Range: 20-1500 grams
  2. Max. Speed: 120 bags/mi
  3. Accuracy: ±0.2-1.5 grams
  4. Weighing Bucket: 2.5 L
  5. Driven System: Step Motor
  6. Control Panel: 7“ Touch Screen
  7. Power Supply: 220V/50Hz or 60 Hz, 12A, 1500W
  8. Gross Weight: 650 kg
  9. Packing Dimension:1600L×1100W×1000H mm


  • Dimple Plate 
  • SUS 316 
  • Double Motor Timing Hopper 
  • 9.7″ H.M.I. 
  • Rice Top Cone 
  • Load Cell Level Sensor
  • 2 or 4 Points Depositor 
  • SUS304 Actuator Housing 
  • Rotating Top Cone
  • SUS304 Mid-Frame
  • Servo Motor Timing Hopper 
  • V-Type Linear Feeder 
  • 0.5, 2.5 or 5.0L Hopper 

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