Machine Specification

SW-R8-200 8-Position Rotary Packing Machine

SW-R8-200 8-Position Rotary Packing Machine

This eight-working-position Rotary Packing Machine is operated by an easy to use touchscreen and is suitable for packing pre-made bags and pouches, the machine can be customised to suit you production line requirements  and be integrated with a variety of accompanying weighing machines.


  • Easy to operate, advanced PLC made by Siemens, with user-friendly touch screen and electric control system
  • Automatic checking/error reporting
  • No pouch or pouch open error detection.
  • No fill and no seal detection.
  • Bag can be used again message to avoid wasting packing products and packaging materials.
  • Machine automatically stop if abnormal air pressure detected.
  • Heater disconnection alarm.
  • The width of the bags can be adjusted by the electrical motor.
  • The control-button can adjust the width of all clips, easily operate, and raw materials.
  • Stainless steel finish.

Operating Modes:

  • Pouch conveyor feeding & pickup
  • Date Coding & Zipper Open Device (optionl)
  • Open the bottom of pouch
  • Pouch top opening
  • First filling position
  • Second filling position (option)
  • First sealing position
  • Second sealing position (cold seal) and Pouch feed out convey


  1. Model: SW-8-230
  2. Working position: Eight-working position
  3. Pouch material: Laminated film/PE/PP etc.
  4. Pouch pattern: Stand-up, flat pouch
  5. Pouch size: W:110-230 mm L:170-350 mm
  6. Speed: ≤25 pouches /min
  7. Weight: 1200KGs
  8. Voltage: 380V, 3 phase, 50HZ/60HZ
  9. Total power: 3KW
  10. Compress air: 0.6m3/min(supply by user)

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