Machine Specification

WL-V420 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

WL-V420 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Product Specification

The WL-V420 Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine is engineered to deliver high speed efficient packaging for a wide range of industries. The stainless steel frame and open design allows for easy film threading around the forming tube, and provides easy access to the inside of the bagging machine, which makes servicing and cleaning more straight forward.

It works by using a cylindrical roll of film. The smart system transfers film from the roll and through a forming collar. Once transferred through the collar the film folds and vertical seal bars extend to seal the back of the pouch. When the pouch length is extruded its then filled with the programmed amount of product after which the horizontal seal bas engage to close, seal and cut the pouch. The finished product includes a bag with top and bottom horizontal seals and one vertical back seal.

  • Functions: Auto Bag-making / filling / sealing
  • Pouch Types: Pillow / Stand up etc
  • Max. width of roll film: 420mm
  • Bag width: 80 ~ 200mm
  • Bag Length: 80 ~ 400mm
  • Packing Speed: 20 ~ 60bags/min
  • Control Panel: Touch Screen
  • Control System: PLC
  • Air Consumption: 0.65mpa
  • Gas Consumption: 0.3m3/min
  • Power Requirement: 220V

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